Was the road to hell really paved with good intentions?

Updated: May 22, 2019

Intention translated from the Old French word entente meaning purpose. In Latin intentus is a stretching out. As a student of Medical Sciences we learn the first intention related to healing a wound, when the incision edges rejoin in union after a surgical procedure. Most humans get up each morning and follow what they believe to be a path of good intention. Yet every so often something seems to get in the way; a request must be declined, there’s heavy traffic making you late to pick up your kids, maybe you say the wrong thing to a family member or disappoint a friend. I am sure we all have similar lists regardless of the content. I doubt there is a single sane soul out there who hasn’t been kept up after a bad day thinking of something to adjust in the way they acted or reacted. When failed good intentions become failures do we turn on ourselves and make ourselves sick?

Failures can make us feel less than, but we always have a choice to accept imperfection and continue our path or to hold on to the moment. Holding on is one of the many ways we unbalance our energy. An intangible thought can ripple itself into existence and become a physical symptom. We all know stress is a causative factor, but stress is a somewhat abstract concept. Allowing our environment or experiences within it to stop us in our tracks, or put us on pause, is a fall from our faith. It is during this free fall we forget who we are and open ourselves to illness.

If imperfection is it itself perfection should we not expect these bumps in the road? Have you ever walked a trail in the woods and not encountered stones, sticks and an occasional fallen tree? Maybe you stop for a moment to navigate your way, but you always continue. Problem solving requires flexibility with an absence of blame. Choose to flow with faith because rhythm is key to enjoying good health. Never waste time beating yourself up for being yourself because this energy can become fuel to disease. You are perfect in all your imperfections and your job is the same now as it was when you were born. You are here to learn, grow and continue on the path of becoming you.

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