United we stand compensated we fall

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

You are born knowing nothing of your existence or part in the grater tapestry of the collective. Little by little choices made each day begin the discovery into self. You love blue and hate pink. Can’t stand mushrooms on pizza and can not figure out what everyone has against pineapple. Slowly you slip into a version of a person that resembles what you feel in your spirit. Until ( Hi Reader - insert a personal life event that threw you off balance here) and a piece of said spirit stopped in it’s tracks. Whatever event you inserted in the last sentence, be it great or small changed you. It didn’t happen because you wanted it to but instead because it was the only way to move ahead. A part of the whole you was left behind that day. You were obscured and re-

imagined into a new existence so that you could continue. Consider it the price paid for this ticket to be alive. It seemed okay on that Tuesday in May, and then again just last month, and you will allow this to go on until you have lost more pieces than you can count in this game of life and what is left of your mind body and spirit feels akin to toppling architecture.

What you can reconcile you compensate for. What you don’t like about yourself you compensate for. Every lie you have ever told you compensated for. Negative feedback, you compensate for that too. At some point there is not enough foundation left to balance on, you falter leaving only the disease standing. As a Homeopath I hope to find you before the great collapse in state but where ever you are along this path I can help you to understand yourself, your source and no longer come to a point of stress or strain because you will have enough foundation to balance on, find you footing, integrate and return to the rhythm of your life. Mindset matters but so does you immune system, let me help you connect the dots with this non toxic, non addictive, safe medicine that is intended to do no harm.

United we stand compensated we fall

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