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Hello Fresh is Consumer Advocates, “Best for the Health Minded”

Our American friends at Consumers Advocate put in the leg work to curate a top ten meal delivery service list. Collectively they spent more than 200 taste driven hours researching 75 sources before presenting their selections and I was excited to see that a company delivering to Canadians had made the cut!

Hello Fresh delivers farm fresh ingredients right to your doorstep. Ingredients are pre-cut and pre-portioned so they can be combined and ready to enjoy at home in under a half hour. Hello Fresh features healthy lean ingredients that arrive in Styrofoam ice packed coolers. 20 new meal ideas are available each week and orders can be portioned for two to four individuals. Three different plan options are offered and the good news for Headwaters patients is that one plan is geared for vegetarians! Science has directly linked meat consumption as a causative factor for disease. These same illnesses have not been liked to vegetarian/vegan diets, in fact plant-based diets are often recommended to prevent or reverse pathology. It is always important to look at what you ingest and determine if it is helping or harming your overall wellness. I review diet with every patient because it is often found to be contributing to a chief complaint and if not addressed can be what maintains a concern. For busy families interested in knowing the ingredients they consume and controlling the quality/source of weekday meals a service like Hello Fresh may be just what they are looking for.

While considering the meal delivery topic I pondered the excess waste that often occurs through packaging methods and investigated to see if there was any way to offset this worry. I was happy to discover that since Hello Fresh orders are arriving directly from the supplier and are precisely portioned, families report less food waste then found after regular grocery shops. Hello Fresh suggests their carbon footprint to be 33% lower than meals made with store bought ingredients. Time saved from a meal delivery service can be just what parents need to ensure they have enough precious moments left at the end of a work day to invest in home cooked meals and avoid take out options that are often packed in containers that can not be recycled.

Hello Fresh is currently offering 50% off all three package options. This means an individual can enjoy healthy meals for between $5.42 to $6.17 a serving.

If you are not yet familiar with Consumers Advocate, they are a US commission-based website offering free research to consumers. They are remunerated through purchases made via their website so if you like their Hello Fresh suggestion be sure to click here to order from their page. I always like to thank researchers efforts because it saves me time so why not pay that forward?

If you choose to become a Hello Fresh customer consider messaging me and letting me know how you find their service. My approach to the consumer experience is the same as it is to medicine, together we are better. Let’s build a health-conscious community sharing ideas to progress our collective well-being and remind each other that we were designed to feel great.

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