Time to Rewind

Are you feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Have you been sitting all day in your home office making s#it happen? Try this supported hip release and your mind + body will thank you.

If you have not heard of the psoas muscle it's a one joint hip flexor that's often referred to as your flight or flight muscle. You rely on your psoas to help you move into hip flexion & to stabilize the lumbar spine when your feet are lifted off the ground in an open kinetic chain. The psoas is often working harder than we need it to because it tightens from a stressful thought alone. This is why its important take the time & unwind any triggers that may have caused the psoas to fire up during the day.

In this picture you find me lying prone (on my back), with a yoga block helping my femurs maintain a hip width distance. An exercise band has been comfortably wrapped and fastened to help ensure my legs feel supported and are not working to hold the prop. From this position I relax into a belly breath. The psoas begins on the lumbar vertebrae and crosses through the pelvis, attaching to the femur. A diaphragmatic breath will help to relax this lumbar area and release tension from your pelvic girdle.

If you are not sure where your breath is going place one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. To pattern this breath, you want to feel the tummy rise before the chest, although you will also feel chest expansion toward the final third of the inhalation phase. Spend two to five minutes in this pose daily and enjoy the compounding effect of the unwind.

Modification(s) - place a pillow/pad for forward head postures that require support. Stretch arms to sides with palms up to add a pectoral major stretch or target the sternal fibers by flexing elbows in line with shoulders (like you are a biker, making a right hand turn signal).

Fare thee well, @Kasyholisticgirl

Ideas are for informational purposes only and should not be used to diagnose or replace personal medical advice.

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