In which plane do you train?

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Most of our life is spent moving forwards through what is anatomically referred to as the sagittal plane. How often do you grapevine to the coffee machine or sidestep to the photocopier? This may sound like a ridiculous question or a way to become the next hot topic around your office, but it is something we should all be considering. We live each day in a forward reaching world that as a product of its’ design will create muscular imbalances in all of us! Early on in my career I was never surprised to see dysfunction in my 30+ exercise rehabilitation clients but I was beyond shocked when I recently noticed my active 7-year-old son already had muscular imbalances. I have spent a large part of my career promoting bio-mechanical patterning and it is still just as important a topic today as it was twenty years ago. Advances in standing desks, stability ball office chairs and foot stools aim to bridge the gap as far as static postures are concerned but that doesn’t look at dynamic movement. We need to consider how often we move laterally, or side to side through the coronal plane each day and look for opportunities to do this more frequently as a way to restore balance. Dancing the grapevine, standing side-bends, swimming sidestroke are some ways you can try exercising in this plane. Keep your eye out for coronal exercises you are already doing in your Pilates practice or on the Yoga mat and determine if you can safely add them to your home practice. Be deliberate in increasing the frequency of movements you preform within this plane during your exercise sessions as well as in your daily life as this can help to restore balance while increasing your proprioception. This week challenge is super easy....start and end the day with a few side bends and let this be a small step towards your coronal plane adventures.

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