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Updated: Jun 24, 2019

Arnica is arguably the most well known Homeopathic remedy and chances are you have used it to treat a sore muscle, bruise or for post surgical recovery. Arnica is found in its original plant form, made into tinctures, creams, gels or in pellet form. It is one of 4000+ homeopathic remedies used throughout the world. Homeopathic medicines are energetic and work to give your body the information it needs to restore homeostasis. These naturally sourced plant, animal or mineral medicines can be used in combination with your MD's treatment plan. Arnica is one of many plants in the Compositae family also know as the Asteridaceae or Sunflower family. Accidents, wounds and injuries play and important role in the application of this family which include other well known flowers such as Daisy and Calendula and Chamomilla. Homeopathy has so much to offer in healing but should also be thought of for preventative care.

Add Homeopathy to your health care routine and be reminded that you were designed to feel great!

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