Born to feel good

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

As a new parent it is overwhelming to say the least. Being responsible to make the best choices for you children in a world of all possibilities can leave you questioning even your most well researched decisions. When it comes to our children's health we all want the safest non-invasive treatments possible but that isn't always our choice to make. When my child was born with a heart condition and esophageal atresia she was airlifted to a nearby children's hospital and I was not able to get there until she came out of surgery. It was weeks before I held her in my arms and during that time I was never more grateful to conventional medication for had she been born 50 years earlier she would not have survived. As a Homeopath I choose to treat my family naturally whenever possible. I also choose to work alongside a team of specialists in their respective fields because I want the best of all possibilities. In an ever-divided world with medical debates rampant on social media I am here to remind my patients that we are better together. Consider having a Homeopath work alongside your conventional health care providers, because you can and should feel your best.

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