We offer natural based solutions, intended to remind you that you were designed to feel great. All of our individualized treatment plans are created to help you live a happier, and more comfortable life. We want every patient to leave Headwaters Holistic Family Care feeling their best. Contact us today to learn how we can help you!

Freckled Skin
Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Cosmetology

Beauty is much more than skin deep. Add a customized homeopathic remedy to your skincare and/or anti aging routine and begin to beautify from the inside out. Those with sensitive skin may avoid allergic reactions and other pathological effects that can often  occur from topical product use. The remedies we prescribe are natural, non-toxic and safe for all ages.

Healing Your Entire Body

Jump start your immune system with  Homeopathy. These non-toxic, non-addictive medicines are safe for people of all ages. In most cases these natural remedies can be taken alongside other prescribed drugs. Homeopathy can be used independently as it's own entire system, or to compliment your existing health care when conventional medicine gets stuck.

Non-toxic alternatives

Homeopathy is a complete natural medical system that supports children's evolving needs. From colic, allergies, skin rashes, and night terrors to meeting milestones or finding success in new learning environments, look to homeopathy to offer solutions for children and young adults.

*Pediatric category is for newborns to young adults under 18 years of age .

Nutritional Cooking
Medicine Kit
Stability Ball and Stretching Band

Start from the Inside

We all know enjoying good health involves eating right but that isn't always easy. Karen will guide you in an optimal direction by reviewing your current process and providing suggestions to address nutritional gaps in your routine. She will suggest some quick, easy but most of all yummy solutions that will help you live your best life. When you are well nourished, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn result in a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately in a well balanced individual. Book your appointment today

Expedite Recovery

Have you caught that bug going around your children's school?  Are you planning for surgery or recovering from an accident?  Homeopathic Medicines can work to expedite your healing.  There is no time like the present to book an appointment and let us help you get back to feeling yourself again!

These appointments are not meant to replace emergency room medicine.  In such instances we advise you to first go to your nearest hospital.  Once diagnosed contact us to help you expedite healing with homeopathic medicines.

Zooming Workouts to You

Are you ready to focus on your fitness, rehab an injury, or are you a high performing athlete wanting to improve your bio-mechanical efficiency for sport? If you would benefit from an individualized  program we can track and execute together this appointment is for you.   Programs are designed to be performed at home but with accountability and achievement goals to keep you motivated

Mother and a Child
Bridge into the Woods
Bathroom Shelves

Better Together

Homeopathic medicines are naturally sourced, highly diluted and non-toxic many are safe to use during pregnancy, during delivery, while breast feeding and for you and your little one(s).  Mom and baby appointments are designed to make sure you both are feeling your absolute best!

Following Your Path

Follow up appointments allow us to track your process and adjust your treatment plan as your needs change.  Appointments are available over Skype for patients at a distance.  Additional Canada Post fees applied when mailing remedy to distance patients.

Natural Solutions You Can Have On-hand

Work with Karen to design your own Natural Medicine Cabinet.  Karen spends an hour getting to know the needs of your family.  She will then work to custom design a kit to take home withing 5-7 business days that meets each members unique wishes.   Please note kit pricing may vary based on the number of family members and remedies required.  The standard kit included in appointment pricing contains 10 remedies in Boiron soft shell casing.  Stop by the clinic to see an example.


Lab Testing

At Headwaters we facilitate food sensitivity and hormone testing through RMA and Life Labs. Rates are determined based on test type and will be provided upon request/appointment booking,