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What insurances do you accept?

During the Spring of 2015 Ontario completed the process of re-regulating Homeopaths.  Once again Ontario requires every practitioner to be licensed by the province. Homeopathy is included in the Regulated Health Professions of Ontario. Many Insurance Companies have added Homeopathy to their extended health care benefits. A receipt will be given for payment of Homeopathy services that may be submitted to your health plan provider (if applicable). Homeopaths operate under the HOM designation assigned to active members of the  College of Homeopaths of Ontario. Contact your Provider for details about your plans coverage.

How is Headwaters Holistic Family Care different from other clinics?

At Headwaters Holistic Family Care we believe the best approach to proactive health care is one that includes all knowledge and resources available to us.  We do not see why you should ever have to choose between conventional or alternative treatments when you can have it all.  We encourage you to build a strong team of health care practitioners that work to help you feel the best you can.  We are better together!

Who can benefit from your treatments?

Homeopathy does not separate the individual into parts and symptoms instead it views each person as whole.  Homeopathic medicines are non-toxic, non-addictive and safe for people and pets of all ages and in most cases can be taken alongside other prescribed drugs.
Homeopathy can be used as it's own entire system or to compliment your existing health care when conventional medicine gets stuck. Homeopathy has shown success by working to improve situations such as; your newborn with colic, or toddler with night terrors, children with learning/behavioral challenges, new mothers with hormonal imbalances, fertility issues, post menopausal complaints, chronic skin conditions, and autoimmune diagnoses with no known cause.  Homeopathic medicines can help you cope with mental, emotional and physical symptoms because it views you as a whole unique individual.

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