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At Headwaters we create individualized treatment plans that are carefully designed to help you live a happier, more comfortable life. We focus on restoring health, removing maintaining causes of disease and educating patients on how to make preventative choices. Take a look at our Services Page to discover what we can do to help you on your path to enjoying better health.

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Nutrition &  Menu Planning

Start from the Inside

We all know enjoying good health involves eating right but that isn't always easy. At Headwaters HFC we guide you in an optimal direction by reviewing your current process and providing suggestions to address nutritional gaps in your routine. We suggest some individualized quick, easy but most of all yummy solutions that will help you live your best life. When you are well nourished, you tend to make healthier choices, which in turn result in a healthier lifestyle, and ultimately in a well balanced individual. Book your appointment today

Pilates Online Personal Training  Sessions

Tailored  to You

Are you ready to focus on your fitness, rehab an injury, or are you a high performing athlete wanting to improve your bio-mechanical efficiency for sport? If you would benefit from an individualized  program we can track and execute together this appointment is for you. Programs are designed to be performed at home but with accountability and achievement goals to keep you motivated. Sessions are online via Skype/Zoom so you do not need to assume risk to stay fit during the pandemic.

Homeopathy for Kids and Teens

Non-toxic alternatives

Homeopathy is a complete natural medical system that supports children's evolving needs. From colic, allergies, skin rashes, acne, and PMS to night terrors, meeting milestones or finding success in new learning environments, look to homeopathy to offer solutions for children, teens and young adults.


RMA FST IgG Food Sensitivity Testing

Digestive disorders, migraines, weight changes and mood attention deficit disorders are conditions associated with food sensitivities. Since reactions are not always immediate testing is a great way to determine which foods are responsible.  Rocky Mountain and Life Labs are the providers we work with to run testing. Guidance is given for elimination and reintroduction during nutrition and meal panning services.


Hormones play a key role in the body's ability to function optimally. Comprehensive Hormone Insights™ provides hormone production and metabolism details for a more complete understanding of overall hormonal health.

Rosemary Sprig

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